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Somewhere between the compost and the spaceport

A person born with a body on earth looks at the sky from century to century. The horizontal of carnal existence is always adjacent to the vertical of the conscious striving for the sublime. Climb to look beyond the horizon, and even higher so that the line dissolves into the cosmic ether. And again sink to the ground to feel all its salt.

Works from exhibitions in 22gallery

Callsign "Biocosmist"

Imprints of the moment.  


Cosmic cheers and criticism of nature

This project considers the idea of combining the achievements of "Russian cosmists", futurists, and
modern thinkers in the formation of a new  determining the style of artistic activity. Attempt  creating a semblance of a manifesto capable of identifying and  inspire  artists, scientists and writers in a productive  the direction of active realization of a common future.

Space graphics


A series of graphic prints, which includes the cycles "Cosmoglyphs" and "Space abstraction". The project continues.

In the light of a pulsar

Taking into account the influence of fantastic views in the project, I would like to explain their effective power in the form of speculative images. When the potential for creating stories and the ability of artists to materialize their ideas in the form of objects and processes of art is for the viewer a mechanism for starting the construction of the world. It is based on ideas, values and beliefs that are different from the real situation. 

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